My Mission

After struggling with chronic depression and fatigue for years, I began to seek new ways of treating illness beyond pharmaceuticals. Whether your goal is to lose weight, find the best natural remedies for your condition, or break the cycle of chronic unwellness, I hope you will accompany me in my journey to living a healthier and more energetic life!

I have three modest goals for Healing Among the Trees: 

  1. Encourage positive change for people who want to live a healthy life one full of energy smiles and general wellbeing 
  2. Inform people about the ways in which our society creates a toxic environment to stunt our ability to heal and be fully well 
  3. Provide easy to follow, genuinely useful, and scientifically backed tips to fulfilling goals 1&2.

My Promise to You 

With Healing Among the Trees, I will do the hard work of researching and validating claims for you. Every tip I give to help you feel more energized and motivated, every remedy I suggest to help you heal naturally, every exercise routine, every recipe, every lifestyle change I support will be back by academically verified sources (which I will provide for you at the end of each post—keep me honest!). There is an epidemic of bad science reporting, and l don’t plan to get infected. You can be sure that what I write on Healing Among the Trees has been tested and verified by scientists dedicated to the truth. If you have any questions or comments for any of my posts, please, feel free to shot me a message on the “Contact” page or leave a comment on the post.

A Quick (But Important) Note:

Though I hope to be soon, I am not currently a doctor. As I mentioned, I review all my posts for accuracy and scientific evidence. However, I encourage you to take everything with a grain of salt (figuratively, of course). Think about how the suggestions and resources I give fit into your own lifestyle. Make sure that remedies, diet recommendations, and exercise tips work with YOUR body. And, above all, check with your primary care provider (or specialist) to make sure none of these recommendations with interfere with treatments plans recommended by your doctor.